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I am VLADIMIR GLUKHOMANYUK and I am a conceptualist architect.

I could write a lot of good things about myself, and in detail, as I did in my CV (this is how it should be), but from this neither my projects, nor I myself, would be better. So, only a couple of paragraphs about the essence of what is happening. 

I became an architect at a time when it was more prestigious to be an accountant, or a simple receiver of glassware. The important thing is that I wanted to become an architect, and this is honest, and in my profession, you can’t be sincere, because falsehood prevents you from achieving a result. Sincerity allows you to trust, and trust is the basis for such a long way to go with the customer. 

A cozy home cannot be built, it can only be created - this is the basic principle of all my projects, regardless of scale, volume and purpose.

One word - the architect (creator).



a r c h i t e c t

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